Managing Critical Environments

Facilities Management

Critical environments require strict management strategies to protect clients’ equipment, services and data.

What do we do?

Human error is the most common cause of systems failure and data loss; so we plan precise business continuity programmes for when operations are interrupted and/or self-corrected. Investing in a comprehensive plan is costly but is money well-spent against the potentially huge financial loss resulting from business downtime and customer dissatisfaction, particularly in a banking environment.

How do we work?

Having conducting a thorough audit on the critical area, we scrutinise any areas of weakness in critical space, its environment and staff, in particular the personnel who have authorised access to specific equipment, then design back-up plans that respond to any possible system failures.

Who do we work for?

24-hour operators, corporate facilities, IT data centres, call centres, cooling and heat-dissipation facilities.


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Johnnie Chan

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