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Kuala Lumpur Residential 1H 2017


Significant increases in the cost of living have led to a substantial erosion of disposable income for the average Malaysian household. This has resulted in many Malaysian families feeling like they are unable to buy decent homes, be it in urban or suburban areas. The shortage of affordable housing supply is a growing problem, as the supply is still very low compared with the rising public demand.

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Singapore Residential 1H 2017


The marketing of OUE Twin Peaks was refreshed by the deferred payment scheme in the latter part of the first quarter in 2016; since then, the high-end, non-landed segment of the private residential property market has sprung back to life. Initially treated with skepticism, the overwhelming acceptance of this payment plan ultimately surprised even seasoned marketing professionals. The success of this scheme was subsequently modified in parts by other developers in the Core Central Region (CCR) and they too were met with good responses from the market.

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Taiwan Retail 1H 2017


Taiwan’s GDP growth reached 1.5% in 2016, increasing from 0.72% last year due to the improving figures in private consumption, investment and exports. The economic recovery has had a positive effect on the retail sector. Retail sales registered an historical high of NT$4.1 trillion in 2016, increasing by 1.9% year-on-year (YoY), with the main contributors being supermarkets (9.3% YoY), auto sales (5.4% YoY) and convenience stores (4.7% YoY).

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Vietnam Hospitality 1H 2017


Viet Nam is a rapidly growing Southeast Asian tourism destination. However, inbound traveller numbers are less than half those visiting the most popular ASEAN locations of Thailand and Malaysia. This gap represents significant potential. Inbound travellers have tripled in the last decade and in 2016, a 26% year-on-year (YoY) increase saw Viet Nam outperfoming other regional destinations.


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