Mei Chung Court - 35 Mei Tin Road, Tai Wai (Sole Agent)
New Territories - Rare huge carpark and retail for sale by public tender

Mei Chung Court

Rare huge carpark block with more than 380 car parking spaces for sale,Sizable residential development with 5:1 flat-to-parking-space ratio, huge demand for car parking spaces, 97% occupancy rate - A steady income stream with annual rental growth, Rapid growth in value of car parking spaces , Car parking spaces can be stratified (Please seek independent professional advice).

Property Information:

Subject Property:     Carpark & retail at Mei Chung Court, 35 Mei Tin Road, Tai Wai
Lease Term:     From 11th Nov 1994 To 30th June 2047
Property Type:     Home Ownership Scheme (HOS)
Year of completion:     1996
Area:     (Retail / 1,077 sq.ft.) (Car Park / 105,805 sq.ft.)
No. of CPS:     Private Car - 348 / Motorcycle - 37
      Total - 385
Occupancy Rate(%):     Retail - 100% / Car Park - 97%
Carpark Management     Wilson Parking

Key Contacts

Godfrey Cheng

Godfrey Cheng

Senior Associate Director
Investment CEO Office

The Gateway

+852 2378 8635


Andy Lam

Andy Lam


Two Exchange Square

+852 2840 4840


Calvin Chu

Calvin Chu

Senior Associate
Investment - CEO Office

+852 2378 8632


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