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The 7 reasons why you still need a real estate agent

Why do I need a property agent?

It’s a common question being asked nowadays in a world where property buyers and sellers can operate through websites. Convenient? Yes, but the result may be not as satisfying as anticipated. Here are seven reasons why you need a property agent.  Agents can help you:

1) Understand the complexity of the transaction process

Given the ever changing rules regarding taxes, duties, and other road blocks, you need an agent to help you navigate the rocky landscape and ensure you are not stung in the process.

2) Leverage the power of expertise

The agent can point to areas and buildings which may have the best deal, and identify buyers who are looking for these properties. This is extremely helpful to you when navigating the property market.

3) Lead you down the right path

A first-rate agent will be able to refer you to professionals who can help with complex areas of buying, selling or even renovating. Their contacts with the likes of contractors, lenders, and solicitors could prove invaluable when it comes to tackling hurdles or intricate processes.

4) Help you avoid problems

Say you saw a great place and moved in for the kill. You later discover that a proportion of your flat is an illegal structure and needs to be torn down. What a disaster! Agents can help you circumnavigate this type of experience and eliminate conundrums. With their niche experience and knowledge of legal issues, an agent can anticipate problems before they even exist. 

5) Handle the paperwork

When you are completing a deal, it is much less stressful to have someone who knows which form to fill out, and how to process it. You may not have time to complete this and that will lead to delays (maybe it just saves you the hassle!).

6) Stay by your side throughout

While it is tempting to imagine that you are an expert in property, the reality is, you could do with a safe pair of hands to guide you along the way. This is particularly true when it comes to support after closing. There are often issues that arise after closing the deal and the agent is there to help with these, which is a godsend when problems occur.

7) Are on your side

A good agent will value your home as if it were their own and help to arrange viewings to achieve a great outcome. For sellers, agents will work hard to find the best price possible, using their understanding of the market.

The rise of web-based brokers may offer a new perspective on the market, but the knowledge of a real agent is almost impossible to replicate. At the end of the day, buyers and sellers are opening themselves up to a whole host of potential problems by not tapping into the wealth of knowledge, experience and insider tips an agent can provide.

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